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Anna Maria Magdalena

In Anna Maria's heart, womb & Spirit, burns a passion for the evolution of humankind, in right relation to the love of Mother Earth. 

Through her own continuous journey of embodiment on this path, she offers her service to those who simply feels in resonance with the small piece of the greater puzzle, that she has been guided to carry forth through the school of Earth Priestess Temple Arts. 

Born and raised in the northen lights of Sweden, her little one grew up as a highly sensitive, intuitively empathic and deeply silent child, mostly interested in communing with the trees, waters & nature spirits. 

Through years of conditioning & various emotional traumas, she learnt how to shut down the gifts of her inner world and grew up to be a "straight A's", over-achieving, elite nightclub queen with a stubborn curiosity to climb the ladder of success, to understand what on Earth it was that everyone around her was fighting to become. 

As her Spirit was simultaneously screaming for air, several mysterious Kundalini awakenings & spontaneous teachers would find their way into her early teenage years. At the age of 15 she found the oasis of ​yoga, meditation & a female mentor that started moving her into the depths of consciousness, trauma therapy, past life regressions & the shamanic / tantric path of life.

Still with feet in both worlds, determined to complete her Ivy League aspirations & "change the system from the inside", a final burn-out hit her hard into finally surrender her "bright future" to the call of her soul.

Her Spirit, depth of Silence & the medicine path was calling with a force she could no longer deny.

As with everything else, she jumped wholeheartedly and through the grace of Goddess found herself in the Central American jungle at the feet of various indigenous grandmothers, medicine carriers & wisdom keepers, willing to take her in to live and train with them.

The last 11 years Anna Maria has continuously dedicated herself full-time to her own self-healing & awakening, while immersing in the lineages of several Native American traditions, such as Mexica Moondance, the Temazcal (sweat-lodge), Native Vision Quests, Sundance of the Lakota Nation and other wisdom keepers of the Amazon & Peruvian Andes. 

Weaving her deep resonance within the paths of shamanic tradition, power plants & elemental ceremony, she has simultaneously never lost her passion for feminine embodiment, womb-wisdom & the great mystery of life-force that lives within the potential of the Human species. 

Through her lineage studies & initiations of Tantric, Taoist Vitality & Himalayan Dakini Temple Arts over the years, she found an inwaverly gift of weaving these worlds in integration between body & Spirit, in energetic discernment, precision & alignment with Christ/Magdelena Consciousness.

In these strong times of change upon Gaia, she finds herself with a deeper dedication to both study deeper within her own pathways of inner evolution, as well as continue to share the passion, love & intuitive wisdom of her heart. 

When not travelling to share and study deeper, she stewards the Earth Priestess Sanctuary in Bali, where her temple sisterhood hosts women’s elemental trainings, sweatlodge and ceremony.

”Through weaving the songlines of many lands, rooted in essence and the forcefield of love, we are all walking each other Home.”

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