Anna Maria Magdalena

Deeply passionate about loving life, earth and conscious human evolution, Anna Maria merges the shamanic, therapeutic & tantric path. For women and men who are ready to evolve into the embodiment of their essence, true lifeforce and Service to the Earth. Who feel called to dance between the depths of ancestral wisdom, indigenous ceremony and elemental initiations - as a foundation for the remembrance of the temple arts of tantric alchemy, right use of sexual energy, vital sensuality & living the natural, graceful state of all human beings - to take care of the earth and all our relations.


Anna Maria was born and raised in the Northern lights of Sweden - after a lifelong search for meaning, from living an extreme A-performing persona, Ivy League admissions and elite nightclub life - to eventual burnout, rehab & in-depth therapy, Anna Maria decided to take an extreme leap of faith into the unknown.

To remember the truth, the meaning of her being and calling in life.
Months of Silence retreats in the Central American jungle, turned into years of self healing, awakening & in-depth studies with indigenous grandmothers, master healers and therapeutic tantrikas. Over the last decade she practiced, lived and trained in the paths of Tantrika Yoga, Taoist Sexual Vitality, Therapeutic Breathwork, Sound-healing & Vibrational Regeneration - alongside committing deeply to the Red Road, Mexicatl Moondance and Lakota Sundance path, studying the ancestral ways of ancient ceremony, medicine prayer & the beauty way of native traditions.

Walking between these worlds she birthed the school of Shamanic Tantrika Arts and the Earth Priestess Facilitator’s Trainings, and devotionally shares her retreats and trainings for women and men all over the planet.
She is based as a land steward of a sacred waterfall valley in Bali, where she has anchored her Earth Priestess Sanctuary, garden Teepee and Temazcal Sweatlodge prayers.

Anna Maria lives to constantly evolve her own inner being and always remain a humble student of Life. Simultaneously dancing, laughing and praying through her immense passion for the full awakening of humankind - to the silent remembrance of the harmonic beauty of life - taking care of each other and the earth.