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~ Facilitator's Immersion for Women in Shamanic Tantrika Arts ~

* By application only Oct 10-30th BALI

A in-depth immersion for women to deeply experience the healing, expansion and cultivation of lifeforce in a living shakti temple. Merging therapeutic, tantric, shamanic and taoist practices for effortless, ecstatic embodiment. Training in the arts of holding energetic, emotional and spiritual transformation for individuals and smaller group fields in the shamanic and tantric priestess arts.

In the Shamanic Arts we root our being into the core of connection with Earth and Spirit. Through emotional and energy clearing, elemental initiations such as waterfall vision quest, fireceremonies and Sweatlodge, combined with the ancestral wisdom of prayer, how to work with sacred land and subtle realms of the seen and unseen worlds. How to come wholly into body, wisdom and presence.

From this foundation we invite the Tantric and Taoist Arts of working with Sexual healing, Sensual Vitality cultivation, Womb healing, Yoni Egg practise and Tantric Alchemy. How to fully embody the orgasmic potential, divine pleasure relating and ecstatic life-force that moves you into creation and abundance of life.










Are you ready to evolve, embody and share your essence?

A priestess is not a title, spiritual preacher or mysterious myth.
To priestess is a verb. It is an art of stepping into the purpose calling of your being, to be in service - to the earth, to your family, to the people around you.

In the Earth Priestess Trainings we invite women to remember, reconnect and embody more of your wholeness in life.

So whether your are working in the fields of spirituality/conscious evolution, personal development, corporate business, or multitasking mama, we ask you :

How can you bring your life, love and work to a deeper level?

To a deeper layer within yourself, and through the point where service to others becomes an inevitable part of your own evolution. To unveil the essence of your unique gifts - the ones gathered from your life already, and the ones that are revealing themselves in rhythm with your inner transformation.

So as you keep evolving into your essence, you simultaneously step into offer your highest form of service to the earth and all our relations.

Through the practices of working with shakti lifeforce energy, earth's elements and your unique gifts, we invite you into a natural way of tantric embodiment, feminine leadership and graceful spaceholding.









Anna Maria


Mira Dakini

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