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temple arts training

facilitators immersion ~


This is an invitation

for you who simply feel in your  womb,

in your heart & spirit, the call to embody deeper

in your unique Earth Priestess Path

in service to the earth

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The Earth Priestess Temple Arts is a school of temple arts that merges the worlds of elemental initiations, shamanic ceremony, nature quests and indigenous medicine paths, with women’s embodiment practises of the taoist and tantric arts, sexual vitality and the in depth the healing between woman’s relationship with her body,

the earth and her purpose in the world.


In this training you receive hands-on practical tools to learn and refine Your gifts,

so that you can deepen your relationship to yourself, your service and space-holding.

The Earth Priestess Path is a journey for women of all walks of life

to reclaim, rewire and resource our birthright as daughters and guardians of Gaia.

As we are in the midst of the turning of ages upon the Earth as

old narratives are being dismantled and brought into light,

crumbling and rebirthing the new, it is more important than ever

that woman embodies her Self sourcing and sovereign connection to the Earth,

the elements and our service to the Whole.

As Mother Gaia herself is calling us all at this time

upcoming training

Dates & Location 


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Anna Maria

Mira Moonya

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