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An Elemental Initiation Retreat into

Essence, Silence & Vitality

~ Les Waterfall, Bali ~

A 5 day elemental initiation of embodiment and Spirit.

Merging with the clarity, alignment & life-force of our Earth Mother’s essence, through the depth of Silence and prayer ceremony. 

Through the subtle communion with the earth wisdom, sacred fire, waterfall, holy spring and rivers, all held by the grace of breath and awareness in every moment. 

An invitation to fall into the undiscovered depths of your essence and purpose, supported by the absolute love of the sisterhood and sacred land of Les Waterfall.



Purify the deep layers of the mind and body, strengthen your relationship with Spirit and Elements. 

Wombvoice & Medicine songs

The healing and awakening of the womb as a channel of sound and sacred voice of the earth. Together we share medicine music, help to open our voices and support our healing, strengthening and unifying. 
Native song teachings by the waters and fire.

Silent meditations

Center, Clear and master your mental body to be of Service. Nature Meditations of unifying fields to send loving kindness to the planet and all our relations.

Elemental Initiation Meditations

Daily Waterfall communion.  River blessings. All night Fire prayers. Walking in the Void of Darkness.

Nature Quest
24-48hrs on dry/water fast, solo sacred time in the stillness of nature. Receiving the clarity, visions and confidence on inner/outer purpose, through the embodiment of essence. A powerful day and night prayer similar to the Vision Quest Rite of Passage.

Sexual Vitality Practises
Yoga & Qi Gong practise tailor suited for the Shamanic Tantrika Arts of cultivating nature’s lifeforce, sensual vitality, & the embodiment of greater Light.

Nature Ceremony and Offerings
Nature ceremonies that support life transitions closure and new beginnings. Shamanic practices of purification and offerings to give back to the land, ancestors and life. Prayers & blessings for greater perspective & momentum for positive personal, life, work and relationship growth. 

Selfcare Mayan Womb Massage
Nourishing the life giving womb of woman. Tools and practise to drop into deeper subtle layers of body connection and self love.

Restorative Yin practise & Chrystalbowl Soundhealing

Allowing the nervous system, body & soul to nourish from the bliss state of nothingness. Rewrite of DNA & subtle energy-body to hold vaster frequencies of Light through Chrystal Sound.


Sexual Vitality Practises

Yoga & Qi Gong practice tailor suited to cultivate nature’s lifeforce, sensual vitality, & the female embodiment of greater Light.




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Anna Maria


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