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Join our global Earth Priestess Sisterhood and learn the foundations of Earth Shakti Embodiment


What you'll receive:

A series of 5 recorded videos guiding you towards building a daily practice of embodying the self-sourcing energy and life-force of Earth Shakti 

Earth Priestess - Shakti Embodiment Series

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Confidentiality Agreement:
    I understand & agree on full confidentiality of this sisterhood. I can share my own experience, and I will keep any information and sharing about other women confidential.

    Self Responsibility:
    I understand & agree to take full responsibility of my own experience, journey and health during this time. I understand that there are no refunds.

    I understand the Earth Shakti Embodiment Series is for my own practice. Upon completion I am not trained to teach the content of this course yet.

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