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Welcome Sister

This is an invitation for You 
A specific offering from my heart, in these potent times of

change on Mother Earth

A Wombreset Journey is a self-initiating choice of conscious celebatic practise, for the purpose of purifying and resetting the womb and body of Woman back into her natural state of vital innocence, selfsourcing lifeforce and deep reconnection to the vibrational rhythms of the Earth. 

These practices have always been used in numerous indigenous native traditions (often referred to as part of Rites of Passages for women at different stages in life) as well as the old Priestess Temple Arts mystery schools ~ by tantrikas, dakinis, yoginis, medicine women etc., in order to truly Self Source your energy and plug the Womb back in alive sensual connection and right relationship with

Pacha Mama and all your relations. 


Online Women's Temple for 3 Moon Cycles

is currently not offered Live. 

Learn more about the self sourcing initiation we 

journeyed through in 2020 in the PDF below 

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