The Earth Priestess Arts is a mystery school of women’s temple arts that weaves the worlds of elemental initiation, ceremony & ancestral wisdom paths, with sacred feminine embodiment practise of the tantric & taoist vitality arts, right use of sexual life-force & the in-depth healing between woman’s relationship with her body, the Earth Mother & her purpose in the world. 


A priestess is not a title or preacher - we see Priestess Arts as an act of Woman Being in Service, walking her path in dedication and love to the whole. 

We welcome you & all women equally as part of our Sisterhood - all carrying our own unique piece of the greater picture. 

We welcome You on a journey of Remembrance. In this circle, our teacher is the Earth, the Waters, the Fire, Wind & Spirit. 


We welcome you home to the essence that already vibrates in your bones - because All Women know within their sacred wombs, the Priestess Arts of the Earth. 

We offer and consecrate this sacred space & all that is within this Sisterhood for the greatest good, love & wholeness of all Beings. 


For the highest timelines & evolution into crystalline consciousness - all the way into graceful ecstatic embodiment. 

We dedicate ourselves to the healing of ourselves & our lineages - so that we may walk as vibrant women of all

colours, lands & ages - in our common love for the Earth & all her children. 

We choose to see a world blossom in harmony, balance, freedom, unity & grace. 


For the future generations, all our relations & all of creation.


And So It Is. 

Blessings Sister

I am Anna Maria Magdalena

Me & our Sisterhood are honoured to support your journey of remembrance. We are in service to the embodiment of your essence, and how to walk your daily life in loving deep connection with yourself & your body, your relationships & purpose in the world. 

Thank you for being you. 

We invite you to tune in to our upcoming

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Online Women's Temple

May 22nd - Aug 21st

Earth Priestess arts


Jan 2021


Earth Priestess arts immersion

Facilitator’s Training 

Nov 20th - Dev 12th 2020

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