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Woman’s temple arts, elemental initiations & ceremonial embodiment

for feminine reconnection to the love and

lifeforce of the Earth Mother


• Temazcal Purification Sweatlodge
• Elemental Woman Ceremonies
• Earth Priestess Shakti Embodiment
• Tatewari Fire Prayercircle
• Medicine Song Teaching

• Wombvoice Awakening
• Selfcare Womb & Breast Massage
• Shakti Yoga - Feminine Essence
• Selfsourcing Sexual Vitality
• Yoni Egg Temple Initiation
• Somatic Earth Harmonics  Restorative Qi Gong & Chrystal Soundhealing
• Woman’s Nature Quest Purify, Clarify Vision of Purpose
​• Integration & Worldbridging

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Anna Maria


Mira Moonya

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