- A woman’s sacred embodiment retreat into Essence, Vitality &; Service to the Earth -with Anna Maria & Mira Dakini

On the very top of Nauyaca Waterfalls, immersed in Costa Rica's lush jungles & vibrant waters - we invite you to a weeklong immersion of nourishing sisterhood, elemental lifeforce and a deep dive into Shamanic Tantrika Arts.


The Earth Priestess Arts is a school of temple arts that merges the worlds of elemental initiations, shamanic ceremony, nature quests and indigenous   medicine paths, with womens embodiment practises of the taoist and tantric arts, sexual vitality and the in depth the healing between womans relationship with her body, the earth and her purpose in the world.

We invite you to come home to sacred land of Home Farm, to give a gift to yourself immersing into the rhythmrythm of nature and Love of sisterhood - nourishing your womb & your body, revitalizing you spirit & your energy levels and embodying deeper layers of your essence as a woman, so that you may walk in greater selfloving service to the Earth & all our relations.

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Anna Maria


Mira Dakini

Tish Natashia Steenkamp

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